Bannisters at Mollymook

Bannisters at Mollymook

Recently we (Krystal and I) had the chance to spend some time away without the kids for a couple of days. We were invited to go and visit Bannisters in Mollymook. It's a place and hotel which we've been wanting to visit for what seems like an age! It was the perfect timing, after a pretty hectic few weeks leading up to this weekend away. So we were very lucky and blessed to get an opportunity to visit.

Bannisters Hotel is located on the Headland shown here
 Mollymook is located about 2.5hrs south of Sydney and sits on some of the prettiest stretches of coastline in Australia. I used to come down this way when I was younger with friends, so it has some nostalgia attached to it for me. But one drawcard of wanting to come back was the hotel itself. I love a good boutique hotel. I mean who doesn't? But this was one we really wanted to visit. We stayed in an Ocean Deluxe room, one of the lead in rooms, but wow! For couples, it was perfect. It hosts such amazing views out to the sea, where for the sunrise addict in me, it filled my bucket up in spades. We tested out the Rick Steins restaurant and was blown away with the seafood flavours. I could have ate 100's of oysters if my wallet would have let me. We also visited the Bannisters Pavilion which is about 800m down the road to grab a few drinks and dinner on our 2nd night. Again, very impressed with how good the food is.

If you're looking for a short getaway, Bannisters and the Mollymook area is so well worth the visit. Hopefully, Krystal and I can organize some time to go visit the Port Stephens property too one day as that one also looks just as good. Let me know if you've been there, or are planning to. I'd love to chat with you about it. But for now, enjoy some of the photos we managed to take in between pool and beach chillout sessions.

Our morning view from our room as the sun rises each day

Ben Mackay
Owner of Ocean Feels from Sydney, Australia. A self-confessed ocean lover, creative, explorer and champagne party trick enthusiast.

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Hey there Abby,
I’ve have thought about it. It’s not currently in the shop, but I’d be willing to add it in.
Thanks for reaching out!

Ben Mack

The image of the women floating above is absolutely stunning. Is it one you would consider adding to your prints?


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