Printing & Framing Spec's



Our prints and frames come in 4 standard sizes, seen above. Each with ratios of 3:2 or 2:3 (depending on the orientation of the artwork).

We are now currently, changing over our smaller size to A4 and A2 (some with A3 also). If you're after a A4 or A2 size and your selection is not available in these, feel free to request it. We'd be more than happy to do that.

As each print is custom made, we also have the option of making your selected artwork in the size perfectly suited to you. Contact us if you require a specific size.


We choose to print on on art paper stocks which has an incredible finish and an appearance that creates images with exceptional visual interest and texture depth. Made to last well over a century. They look amazing.


All frames are professionally mounted. They are all printed with a white border on archival fine art stock paper rag. Non-reflective 2mm glass cover. 2cm wide, 4cm deep frame. Hanging system included. When measuring, the frame size is the outer dimensions. The design comes signed by the artist and looks amazing in any room. We recommend choosing this option, for multiple reasons. Firstly, they are made to order and made exactly for perfect viewing. Secondly, and likely most important, it removes the hassle from you. It comes ready to hang, beautifully presented and exactly how you want it. We regularly frame print orders which were purchased long ago and have been left in a roll collecting dust.
Please note: We only offer framing to certain countries. Please check with us if framing is something you require.


A good portion of our print sales are custom made for you. Whether it be a print not currently available in our store or specific size, frame or other material. We cater exactly to your needs. Aside from our current prints and frames, we can also produce canvas; both rolled and framed as well acrylic and many others. Please contact us for any specific needs you may have.


We also offer custom large decal printing for office or workspace. Our prints are available to print as large as billboards. Please contact us for your specific needs.