New Zealand's South Island by Drone

New Zealand's South Island by Drone

So we recently returned from our family trip to New Zealand's South Island. Naturally, I've been so eager to get deep into the footage and images we created while we trekked around for 9 days! So I've pretty much locked myself in the office and spent the last couple of days putting together a little edit. Would you believe we captured over 350GB of video and photos in just 9 days!

One of the shots from Moke Lake near Queenstown

It has taken a while for me write up a blog post for it. But nevertheless, here we are.

I'll be creating a few other blog posts around our trip, around a few key locations, our itinerary, as well as other bits and pieces so be sure to stay tuned, or follow along with me on instagram

So here it is, a few minutes (mainly by drone) of what we saw. I really hope you enjoy it! Feel free to hit me up on Facebook or Instagram if you have questions about New Zealand.



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