Scenic World Sculptures & Blue Mountains

Scenic World Sculptures & Blue Mountains

Recently our family was invited to Scenic World to check out the Sculptures Exhibition in the Rainforest in the valley. I absolutely love this concept and even more so for this year's exhibition looked at themes covering over-commercialization, the disregard of single-use plastics and other similar themes. 

The girls had a ninja challenge sheet they had to complete while looping the sculptures trails

Kobi looks on at a waterfall made of Plastic Cling Wrap, probably my favourite of all the exhibits

This was a shirt which stretched out over 10m, thread by thread

The girls finally completing the Ninja Challenge while cheeky Kobi plays behind

It was the girls first time at Scenic World and riding the steep train down and the two cable cars. Needless to say, they absolutely loved the whole experience (as we, the parent's did too!). It's always good for the soul going out to the Mountains, but especially when the weather cools down and a chill fills the air. It feels right in the mountains when the temperature drops. There's that peace you really don't get anywhere else.

Now this was our 2nd time to Scenic World in a few months, the first time was just me and Krystal. Here's a quick little video of when we last went...


If you're keen on checking out the exhibition, you can visit

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